Membres et Présidente

Membres fondateurs


Membres d’honneurs

  • S.A.S Prince de Scharzenberg  (Chancelier du Gouvernement de la République Fédérale Tchèque )
  • S.A.S Princesse de Schwarzenberg
  • L.L.A.A.S.S. Prince et Princesse Philippe de Liechtenstein
  • L.L.A.A.S.S. Prince et Princesse Georges Yourievsky
  • Princesse Héléna Gagarin Moutafian.MBE.
  • Duc et Duchesse de Ratibor Metternich Sandor
  • Comte et comtesse de Lalaing
  • Vicomte et Vicomtesse André de Spoelberch
  • Son.ex L’Ambassadeur Peter Kosch
  • Dr. Helmut Zilk
  • Monsieur Pierre Cardin
  • Monsieur Théo Fabergé
  • Monsieur Alan Sievewright
  • Monsieur Kali Mody
  • Monsieur Jackie Shrof

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Back to Main MenuReal Estate TransfersBack to Main MenuLocal Grocery AdsSpecial SectionsLocal AdsLagniappeOur Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center opened its new children’s emergency room and the expansion of its adult emergency department Dec. 9.Features of the new construction include facilities for four levels of emergency care, from minor injuries to trauma. The recently completed construction also includes improvements and additions that OLOL officials say will help to enhance the efficiency, access and overall patient experience in the emergency room."The completion of this phase of our construction represents our commitment to provide the highest level of emergency medicine to both children and wholesale jerseys adults," said K. Scott Wester, president and chief executive officer of Our Lady of the Lake. "Emergency care is a challenge presented to healthcare providers across the nation, which is why Our Lady cheap authentic nfl jerseys of the Lake has invested in building a successful model in our community that is increasing access
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room expansion, OLOL added 14 additional patient beds, bringing the total of available adult beds in the ER to 750 yeezy for sale 59. Five new exam rooms and 14 wholesale oakleys minor care treatment spaces have adidas yeezy boost also been added, and two critical care cheap yeezy boost 750 rooms cheap fake oakleys have been refurbished replica 750 yeezy and enlarged.Of the four levels of emergency care, OLOL added a new Fast Track Unit, serving patients who need care yeezy 750 free shipping for more minor cheap michael kors handbags illness and injury. The other three treatment areas for adults include the Treatment Center for mid level care, the main Emergency Room for more critical patients, and the Trauma Center for the most critical."We anticipate about 15 to 20 cheap yeezy boost 750 percent cheap yeezy boost 750 of our emergency patients will go through the new Fast Track Unit and have their treatment completed within 90 minutes," said James Rhorer, 750 yeezy for sale MD, medical director of nike nhl jerseys emergency services. "Providing replica 750 yeezy the right level of treatment at the right time is a key component to creating a strong emergency system, and one that we have also supported through the urgent care model with our Lake After Hours
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